5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Beautiful and Comfortable Too

Your bedroom is an important part of your home where you would spend nearly one third of your life. This is the place for you to take peaceful rest in the night so that you can face the world the next day with renewed vigour. Therefore your 5 ways to make your bedroom beautiful also include making the room in a soothing, relaxing and comfortable.

1. You need to go minimalistic here. This is the cheapest and yet the most effective way to make the bedroom truly beautiful and comfortable. Your bedroom will appear bigger once you remove clutter. Besides, it helps to create a stress-free environment. Keep all the things in their appropriate places. Also, always keep the decoration minimum. Also, take out that computer from the room. It is a place to rest and not to work.

2. Proper lighting is important. It has to be soft, soothing and calm. You need to install fixtures that emit a warm light. You can make use of low wattage bulbs and have dimmer switches along with. Make use of candles too in order to create a soothing atmosphere. Opt for scented candles to make the mood romantic or therapeutic. Harsh lights must be avoided. You may have bed lights if you wish to read while in bed.

3. Wall paint colour makes a big difference. Opt for a fresh coat of paint if you want to spruce the bedroom décor. You can use soothing colours to induce moments of relaxation. These would include light pink, light blue, ivory, off-white, pale green, ochre and so on. These can be excellent choices for the bedroom and will make it look beautiful too. Avoid bright shades or dark colours as these tend to depress your mood. But make sure that the paint colour matches with the bed as well as the bed spread. It should all be in harmony.

4. Make it personalized. Once you do this, you will feel comfortable in your room. Add on a few photographs of your loved ones. But do not go overboard and clutter the room. Limit these snap shots to two or three only. Put in some artwork that you like or something that you have made. It can even be an old piece of brocade to which your memories are attached. Add on a flower vase with fresh flowers. Spray some air freshener in the room.

5. Rearrange. This is the last of the 5 ways to make your bedroom beautiful. It is easy and totally inexpensive. Simply change the place of your bed. You may place it by the wall and make space in your bedroom. Or else you can place it in the middle of the room and make it the centre of attraction. Be creative. Add on some brightly coloured cushions on it. Or else, change the curtains. Change the placing of the paintings on the wall. You can even change the position of the other pieces of furniture in the room. These minor changes are enough to make a massive impact on the look of your bedroom.

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