Dining Tables

Your dining table is a major item of household furniture, and something which you need to select carefully. While it is of course very much a functional item of furniture, it is also a decorative item, and so you must choose a table that balances both function and form.
Here are 5 things to think about when buying dining tables:
1. Design – Many people see the dining table as simply somewhere for the family to gather each day for meals, or as something to be used just once in a blue moon when entertaining guests. Your dining table should however be the centrepiece of your dining room and, as such, can set the tone for the room. Make your table the focal point of the room by selecting its size, colour, shape and style with great care.

2. Shape – Traditionally, dining tables are either round or rectangular in shape and these two shapes have come to dominate dining table design for a reason. A rectangular table like those at cleverclicker.co.uk is the best choice when we need to accommodate a large number of diners, and also has the benefit of being easily extendable through the addition of one or more leaves. By contrast, a round table will not seat as many people, and is not quite so easy to extend. A round table is however ideal if you want to create a very friendly atmosphere, and promote the easy flow of conversation.

3. Alternative Shapes – If your room is large enough then you might like to consider a variation on the traditional rectangular shape, and opt for an octagonal or oval table. Both can introduce curves into an otherwise box shaped room, but their shape means that you will need a larger table than the traditional rectangular shape to seat the same number of diners.

4. Traditional Dining – If you wish to have a very traditional, or formal, feel to your dining room then this can best be achieved by selecting a dark, rich wood finish for your table. You should also consider a table, and indeed dining chairs, with carved legs to complete the traditional look.

5. Country Dining – One excellent idea for the modern dining room is to move away from the formal dining model and look towards a country dining look instead. The country style involves choosing lighter woods, with a chunky and often slightly distressed appearance. At its most basic, the country style can even be as simple as a trestle table with bench style seating.