Green Indoor Furniture – Stylish Options for Eco-conscious Homeowners

The search for a more sustainable future has affected every aspect of modern life. It even has reached how modern homes are constructed and the type of indoor furniture we use. One simple way of turning our home’s green is to purchase furniture made from sustainable or recycled materials. Wood furniture is usually the best choice when it comes to green furniture.

There are many things to consider before the wood furniture you have purchased could be considered green. Simple things to check includes where the wood came from, did it come from a sustainable source or the total carbon footprint when creating the furniture.

A hidden source of danger in our homes is the chemicals used in many of today’s furniture. These are often used to prepare the wooden surfaces to make the furniture more appealing. However, this could quickly become volatile when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This affects the quality of your home’s air and can be a source of respiratory infections. Some of the chemicals used in wooden furniture include varnishes, glues and paints. Long term exposure to these can result to skin allergies, asthma or cancer.

Wooden furniture constructed from particle boards or plywood can also pose threats to your health. Although this is also considered as green because they are constructed from recycled materials, but these are from wood chips and dust saw. These are often held together by glues and other chemicals that can be released into the air. One rule of thumb is to ask your furniture retailer if the glue used was water based which makes it safe.

The use of chemicals is not only used in adhesives that are used for recycled furniture. Even one piece wood pieces like oak tables use coatings and varnishes to protect it from the elements. If you’re not sure if these are loaded with chemicals then a simple sniff would help you determine if any strong chemical was used in making the furniture.

Going green does not only help us create a more sustainable future but more importantly keeps our homes safe for our family. Choosing eco-friendly furniture may require extra research and are sometimes more expensive, it long term benefits far outweighs its initial costs. Going green is no longer considered a fad but something that is essential in keeping our family healthy.

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